So, what is The Meaningful Living?

“Meaning” tells us something: that life can be better.

We find “Meaning” in the service for others, and in the positive impact that our actions have on others, the community, and the planet.

It gives us purpose, and it makes us feel that we matter (Alan Moore).

In Architecture, we have the opportunity to explore “meaning” through the conception and design of the interface between Humans and Space, designing how we live and how we work.

The goal is to intertwine Beauty and Functionality, turning our surroundings into life-enhancing places.

The relationship between People and Architecture should be so profound that one should think: “How couldn’t I find this feeling anywhere else but here?”

Beauty creates empathy between us and architecture. Functionality makes architecture useful. Empathy is not only the feeling we get from a certain place but also the way we relate and bond with it. Functionality turns it practical.

Empathy = feeling + bonding
Functionality = Practicality

Architecture should mirror the lifestyle people want to live, and the values and ideals of its inhabitants.

As subjective as they may be, they’re the key to creating a bond between the human being and the space around them (Alain de Botton).

So, The Meaningful Living is the one that gets you closer to your values, through Empathy and Functionality.