About Enneia Studio

About Enneia Studio

We are an Architecture and Project Management office that conceives beautiful and meaningful spaces that provide value.

We created a network of professionals that help us develop high-standard projects, delivering the best results in less time.

It gives us purpose, and it makes us feel that we matter (Alan Moore).

From our early days, we've been providing reliable service to our clients.

We're experienced in residential, hospitality and industrial design, both as restoration and new construction.

Our work involves studying new developments and guiding clients and investors through the licensing process and requirements, so they're able to get the best solutions for their portfolio.

These are little examples you’ll experience in any Portuguese house that was built before the 90s. Multiply this waste by Portugal’s 10 million inhabitants, and you’ll understand why the data is presented above.

Meet the Architect

For years Alda have been in search for the Meaningful Living, wanting to develop projects and do work that encompasses meaning in the lives of people, and makes them relate to the spaces they inhabit. Having had this sense of not being able to provide this feeling if she didn't embody the concept of a Meaningful Living herself, she left her previous job as a project manager to embrace a new journey that could lead her to design beautiful and charismatic buildings for those who look for the same as her. To conceive sustainable and symbolic projects that enrich the human experience and that somehow give back to the community.

Recently she founded ENNEIA STUDIO, an Architecture practice that helps her clients to create a bond between the spaces they inhabit, exploring the concept of The Meaningful Living.